Savannah's Reach

Our Impact

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How We're Making a Difference


In our devotion to protecting and serving vulnerable kids—those who are orphaned, abandoned and/or special needs—we’ve partnered with Genesis International Orphanage Foundation and Hope of Life International, as well as providing support to local, Southern California-based organizations and individual children. 

At Savannah’s Reach, 100 percent of the proceeds raised throughout the year go toward the children. By self-funding overhead costs like employee salaries, administrative expenses and event fees, Savannah’s Reach ensures that every dollar it receives from donors goes directly to making a meaningful impact with some of the world’s most deserving children.

Members and donors also make annual trips abroad to work with the kids hands-on. Additionally, Savannah’s Reach hosts a few annual supply drives, most notably our diaper drive for Puerta Hermosa and our Christmas Hope Bags for Hope of Life International.

As we look toward the future, Savannah’s Reach will expand its local efforts and provide detailed resources for grieving families dealing with the loss of a child.


Get Involved

The love we have for Savannah Vopinek now reaches to children who are in desperate need of support. It’s the mission of Savannah’s Reach to bring them love, care and basic necessities so that they have every opportunity to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

If you’re looking to make a direct impact in young lives with a monetary donation, please visit our Donate page. If you’re interested in donating diapers, school supplies or hygiene supplies, please reach out to us through the Contact Page. Please note that all contributions qualify as a charitable tax deduction. 

We also invite you to come volunteer with us, locally or abroad! Several times a year we travel to our partners and give hands-on support with the kids. We would love to have you join us. You can also become a partner, submit a child in need or conduct a joint fundraiser of your own. Or, if you’re interested in any of our volunteer opportunities, please register on the Volunteer Page.

No matter how you choose to get involved, your help is key in fostering hope and dignity for disadvantaged and disabled children.