Savannah's Reach


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Celebrating Her Legacy


It’s with great gratitude and joy that, through the generosity of our donors, we’ve raised over $137,000 in just five years. These funds go toward orphanages, baby rescues and local at-risk needs in Southern California. We’re hopeful that with your continued support, we’ll be able to extend Savannah’s Reach even further.




The fifth Savannah Classic was a record-breaking year with $50,000 raised. Half of this was given to Genesis Diez Ministries’ Puerta Hermosa Orphanage to cover food, medicine and care for the medically fragile children that they have taken in. $16,800 was sent to Hope of Life in order to rescue 14 more babies from illness and malnourishment. $6,000 was given to Benjamin and Abish, two children suffering from severe lifelong disabilities and have been abandoned by their parents. The remaining $2,200 will be used to cover abandoned and medically fragile children in Southern California and other urgent needs that may arise throughout the year.



After raising a total of more than $34,000 in 2016, Savannah’s Reach was able to provide a $12,000 contribution to Hope of Life International, which allowed them to rescue 10 Guatemalan babies in danger of malnutrition and provide them additional medical care. 

Genesis Diez’s Puerta Hermosa Orphanage received $15,000 for the maintenance of its facilities and ongoing care of the orphans housed there. An additional $5,000 was sent to meet the needs of impoverished children in Baja California, Mexico. On the local level, $2,000 was set aside for any immediate, emergency responses needed throughout the year. As always, every penny of the contributions raised made a direct impact on the lives of children.



The third Savannah Classic was an enormous leap forward with $40,000 raised. Genesis was able to install a water filtration system, gaining unlimited access to clean water. Manuel and Jose, two severely disabled children sponsored by Savannah’s Reach, continued to receive support. An additional child named Alejandro was welcomed into our family of sponsored children. The funds from the Savannah Classic provided these boys with critical daily needs and medicine. 

The resources also went toward an eye procedure for a Tijuanan boy named Jesus—and likely saved his vision. Thanks to a successful surgery, Jesus has been able to remain in school and is on the road toward a successful life. Three additional children in Tijuana were also aided.

2015 was also the first year that Savannah’s Reach partnered with Hope of Life International. The money raised was enough to rescue seven babies from malnutrition in remote Guatemalan villages. Lastly, a special donation was made in honor of the Prestella family to an organization called Forever Footprints, which cares for parents who have lost a baby.



In 2014, the Savannah Golf Classic more than doubled the funds raised in its first event, raising $9,000 through donations and sponsorships. 

Because of the increased funding, Genesis Diez’s Puerta Hermosa Orphanage was able to make advancements in their emergency response system, outfitting their facility with fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs, fire alarms, carbon monoxide sensors and signage, which ultimately created a safer, more prepared environment for those in the orphanage’s care.

Genesis Diez was enabled to continue supporting Manuel, and Jose became a sponsored child. Both were provided with critical daily needs while two girls, Heidi and Ashley, received care and medicine during their stay.



One hundred percent of the $4,000 raised at the first annual Savannah Golf Classicwent toward Genesis Diez Ministries. Genesis used the proceeds to support Manuel, by supplying him with critical daily needs such as diapers, creams, hygiene supplies, disinfectant and sterilization supplies. It also contributed to a healthy daily diet, as well as covered transportation and other important costs that were necessary to provide him with a hospital bed, a special mattress and a pump that keeps him free from bedsores.