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Genesis Diez Ministries



Genesis Diez Ministries creates educational enrichment for displaced children in Mexico. Sensitive to the cultural and religious backgrounds of those they serve, Genesis also holds camps for orphaned children, hosts clinics for the indigenous working poor and supports a variety of orphanages. 

Genesis’ Puerta Hermosa is one such orphanage, and a unique case. Savannah’s Reach partners with the organization because they’ve created a place where children who require intensive medical care receive the love and support they need. Savannah’s Reach administers aid by funding daily needs, medication needs and emergency surgery. We also make at least two annual trips (including one on January 24, Savannah’s birthday) to Puerta Hermosa to provide hands-on support. 

Puerta Hermosa and Savannah’s Reach share the same mission: ensuring that these kids—whatever their circumstances—have what they need for their best possible future.




In addition to Genesis Diez Ministries, we support individual children in Tijuana. Benjamin, who was born in 2000 with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, became blind at 14 because of a shunt failure. A scholarship from Savannah’s Reach has enabled him to attend a private school where he receives both general education and lessons in reading Braille. It also covers his medical needs, transportation costs and living expenses. A remarkable, lighthearted, and playful young man, Benjamin is a dedicated student who will have the opportunity to pursue his dream of a university degree. 

Abish is another child that Savannah’s Reach sponsors, Born in 2003 with mental and physical disabilities, she has a loving and generous heart, and delights in taking care of others, especially by spending time with the elderly in a local nursing home. Savannah’s Reach has provided her weekly access to a psychologist and behavioral therapist, as well as covered the costs of her medical exams and a U.S. Medical Visa. 

For more information on how you can assist Genesis Diez Ministries’ mission or any of our other charitable partners, please visit our Volunteer page.

From education to medical care to adoption, we’re committed to empowering disabled and disadvantaged kids through the opportunities and love they deserve.